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Therapeutic Bodywork Team

Therapy Team

After you've chosen a modality, please read the BIO of each therapist to determine the modality they practice before scheduling a Therapeutic Bodywork session. LOOK FOR the brief definitions that follow each practitioner's name when booking to help you to choose a practitioner that fits your needs. Backrub therapists are exceptionally trained and seasoned in the modalities they practice.

CMT - Certified Massage Therapist
ShT - Shiatsu Therapist
DT/Sports - Deep Tissue and Sports trained therapist
FootRflx - Foot Reflexology practitioner
MFR - MyoFacial Release therapist
CST - CranioSacral Therapy practitioner
Pre-Nat - PreNatal trained therapist
Reiki - Reiki Master
JHeadM - Japanese Head Massage certified therapist

Aaem Henry Mitchell ShT, PreNat


Ann Brummer CMT, ShT, Pre-Nat
As a graduate of CenterPoint Massage and Shiatsu School & Clinic, I practice a combination of Shiatsu and therapeutic massage. I am a member of 2 massage professional's associations: ABMP and AOBTA. In my practice, I create a space for you to take a break, rehabilitate, and transform into your natural self. My goal of each session is to assist the body's natural inclination toward health. Using simple hands-on therapies, I give your body support and encouragement to relax into it's natural state of well-being. When not doing bodywork, I enjoy camping, riding my bicycle around the lakes, training for triathlons, and talking to my cats.


Annette Rondano CMT
Owner and Certified Massage Therapist, I've been in practice for over 27 years and thoroughly enjoy learning as every day spills into the next. I can do very deep work, but mostly enjoy solving the most specific problems that plague people in every day life, like the kink in your neck or the deep ache in your hip. I've come to recognize that self-care is our greatest opportunity to create physical and emotional health, and I recommend regular bodywork as a vehicle to the transformational well-being you seek. Thank you for trying The Backrub!


Ayako Nakandakari ShT, Reiki, FootRflx, JHeadM
I graduated from CenterPoint Massage & Shiatsu Therapy School & Clinic's East (Shiatsu) Program, which included Reflexology, in 2015. While I was in Japan in 2017, I also acquired Japanese Head Massage techniques. I am very conscious about my touch to help relax every client that I work on while also addressing his/her main complaints.


Benjamin Gonzalez ShT, CMT
I have completed the East/West Therapeutic Bodywork A.A.S. program at Centerpoint Massage & Shiatsu Therapy School & Clinic. The main modalities I practice include Shiatsu and Trigger Point therapy. I also like to incorporate Craniosacral therapy into my sessions. Assessment is based on the 8 principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine. During a session, I primarily work on the meridian channels and specific points, which can be thought of as energy pathways that course through the body to promote homeostasis, well being, and Qi (energy) flow. Digestive complaints, sleep complaints, fatigue, low energy, stress, anxiety, headaches, and acute/chronic musculoskeletal pain are mainly what I can help alleviate in one and/or multiple sessions.


Bob Haus CMT, DeepT/Sports, FootRflx
I practice a style that is a combination of Swedish and Relaxational massage, integrating a deep tissue facet. As a CMT and a RN for 20+ years, I beleive I have an intuitive touch and always allow a client's condition or problem guide my approach.


Bridgette Jackson, CMT, DeepT/Sports, PreNat, FootRflx
I have been practicing massage for 14 years now. I originally attended Aveda Institute for CMT certification. My advanced techniques include: Lomi Lomi, Trigger Point Therapy, Reflexology, Deep Tissue and Pregnancy massage. I like to approach the healing process through the mind, body and spirit with an integrated healing massage, combining the techniques needed to provide the best results for my clients. I'm a veteran of The Backrub prior to 2011, so you may recognize me!


Danika Zabertini CMT
I am a licensed massage therapist and I practice my own integrated take on a variety of relaxation and therapeutic techniques. These include Swedish massage, Thai yoga massage, cross fiber frictioning, trigger point therapy, body mobilization, and facilitated therapeutic stretching.

I love unwinding issues through addressing the body. Whether that be a quiet and calming experience, or a challenging one which requires active participation. My hope is that my touch will help you to observe your experience in your body without judgement, and integrate this with compassion into your sense of self.

I look forward to working with you!


Derrick Lundberg MFR/CST, PreNat, FootRflx
I specialize in John Barnes' Myofascial Release. I am trained in Traditional Chinese Medicine, which strongly influences my treatments. I am also trained in Osteopathic Style manipulations for the visceral organs and nerves. These manipulations and treatment approach show great efficacy in releasing acute injuries and unlocking chronic patterns.

My approach is much more gentle than the typical massage but with patience and precision, we are able to bring awareness to the traumas remembered by your body. With awareness there is choice, and with choice there is the opportunity to heal.

I enjoy treating the central nervous system, and have shown great efficacy in treating traumatic brain injuries and gravitate towards balancing out structural pieces, and tangles in the fascial web, which bring back the typical musculoskeletal symptoms shortly after the typical massage.

I would recommend seeing me when you feel you have reached a plateau in your healing process and need to facilitate the next step of your journey.


Joe Anderson CMT, DeepT/Sports
I am a graduate of CenterPoint where I trained in Swedish, Deep Tissue, Trigger Point therapy, and Shiatsu massage. I work to meet the needs of my clients using a combination of the techniques I have learned.

"Musculoskeletal anatomy is just the beginning. All parts of the body are connected, and sometimes the source of your chronic pain is an arms length away from where you are feeling the pain. Lets find out, work it out, and get you feeling better today."


Peter Callahan CMT, ShT, Pre-Nat
I am a Bodyworker because I enjoy helping people and problem solving.

My work is Shiatsu based: I work the full body, with

I graduated from CenterPoint Massage and Shiatsu Therapy School and Clinic East/West Program (1350 Hours).


Stephanie Tharaldson CMT, ShT, DT/Sports, Pre-Nat
I have been practicing bodywork full-time since I graduated from Centerpoint in 2010. I've been at The Back Rub for the better part of this time. Specializing in Shiatsu and Swedish Massage; with training in Thai Yoga Massage, Prenatal Massage, Ashiatsu (Shiatsu w/foot pressure), Sports Massage, Rehab Massage, etc.; I am able to draw from my toolbox as needed to meet individual client need. Passionate about people, mind/body connection, loving life, spreading joy and helping folks on their personal path to healing. I love my job whole-heartedly and am deeply committed to providing skilled, intentional and genuine care to every client.


Sylvia Scoggin CMT, Reiki, DT/Sports, FootRflx
I've been in practice for over 12 years as a CMT with advanced training in MFR, Trigger Point therapy, Deep Tissue, Lymphatic Drainage, CST, Reiki and Sports massage. I use my intuition to guide me and I take every single person as an individual. I love my work and love getting people out of pain.


If you have been in a recent Auto Accident or Work Comp Injury, please let us know.

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