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The Highland Backrub - Wellness Products

Flannel Warming/Cooling Bags — handmade in Minnesota

Warm in the microwave or cool in the freezer. These bags are beautiful, durable, therapeutic and handmade. Designed to cradle your neck, reduce your headache or calm low, mid or upper back pain. Come in and see what we have in store!
$12.50 to $36.00 in store purchase only

More Products for Pain Relief and Self-care — Available in Store only or SHOP OPTP

Back and Neck self-care tools and books
Therapy Balls for feet, back, neck and shoulder relief
Headache Relief tools: Cranio Cradle $38 / Upledger Stillpoint Inducer $25
Theracane self massage tools $34.99

McKenzie Lumbar Roll

Essential Oils for Emotional Healing and Physical Well Being

We carry pure essential oils. Browse our extensive in-store selection or Order Online.

essential oils


The power of essential oils can be subtle and profound. From anxiety and stress to distractions, our bodies and minds benefit from their therapeutic value.

Essential oils are very easy to use within the home — in cleaners, applying topically to yourself or family, diffuser and even in your dryer — a few drops can envelope your home into a peaceful and happy place.