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Bodywork Modalities and Definitions

Not all bodywork is "massage".

Therapeutic Bodywork is the general term that encompasses all bodywork styles from Massage Therapy to Reiki, and includes over 200 modalities. At The Highland Backrub, our commitment is to long-term and ongoing health through Bodywork.

It is important to keep in mind that not all bodywork styles feel the same, and not all bodywork modalities can be captured by the word “massage.” Shiatsu, Craniosacral, Global Somatics, Feldenkrais®, and Myofascial practitioners may not provide typical massage services. 

BEFORE YOU SCHEDULE, we recommend that you spend some time looking over the descriptions of the bodywork modalities our current practitioners offer. After you've chosen a modality, please read the BIO of each therapist to determine the modality they practice before scheduling a Therapeutic Bodywork session.

You will not receive a refund if you book online and are not satisfied with the modality you've chosen.


Deep Basic Massage

Deep Basic MassageThis modality does not focus on or treat acute injuries. If you have an injury, select "Therapeutic Bodywork" or "Shiatsu" or "MFR/CST" when you schedule. Deep Basic Massage is a great choice for someone who likes firm pressure, enjoys kneading, pressure points and compression but does not have any underlying conditions that require treatment.


ShiatsuShiatsu is a Japanese form of bodywork based on the same principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine as acupuncture. There are different forms of Shiatsu but mainly it is the manual manipulation of acupuncture points, including pressing and effleurage, usually with the thumbs. Palm pressure and effleurage, Stretching and Range of Motion Facilitation are also incorporated. Shiatsu is a therapeutic treatment used for a wide variety of musculoskeletal and other physiological conditions as well as Promoting emotional health and well-being,
Developed in Japan, Shiatsu is based on principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine combined with modern anatomy and physiology. Treatments address symptoms of tension or pain with kneading and various pressure techniques, along with the breath, that are followed by passive stretching and range of motion exercises. Shiatsu therapy can be stimulating or calming, reduces stress, and leaves the client feeling more balanced and alive.

Deep Tissue/Sports

Deep Tissue-Sports MassageUsing deep kneading, compression, stretching and other muscle release techniques, deep/sports massage is typically experienced as painful in a 'good' way. The goal is to release difficult or locked muscles to increase range of motion and create freedom. We only recommend Deep Tissue if you can take a lot of pressure or don't mind experiencing the pain that precedes muscle release.

Global Somatics™

Global SomaticsThe Global Somatics™ Process empowers individuals to activate channels between the physical body and energy field for self-realization, authentic healing and conscious evolution. Suzanne River developed the process by weaving many somatic and energy medicine modalities with the art/discipline of relationship.

The Global Somatics™ Process encourages the happiness and wholeness of the Natural Body. A happy body is a fully alive body that expresses a fully alive unique person. With a happy body, you can allow your personality to express your essential self.

Thai Massage

Restore your well-being with the manipulation of muscles and joints using passive yoga, like stretching and gentle pressure. Sometimes referred to as the "Yoga for lazy people", this session is done on floor mats, while wearing loose comfortable clothing.


MyoFascial Release / Cranio Sacral Therapy

MyoFascial Release - Cranio Sacral TherapyNo kneading or pressure is involved in MFR/CST therapies. These modalities are used in tandem to gently but powerfully bring about deep changes in the body without the use of excessive pressure. Our bodies hold on to past traumatic events like accidents or injuries which can become lodged in our tissues, keeping our bodies from moving freely and, often, causing chronic pain symptoms. MFR/CST can unravel the web holding onto these traumas, freeing us up to move on and enjoy our lives again. If you are feeling stuck (mentally, emotionally, or physically), MFR/CST may be just what you need to find your next steps.

Prenatal Massage

Pre-Natal MassageBecause a woman's pelvic bones become soft during pregnancy, hip, low-back and mid-back pain are common symptoms that are routinely addressed with massage therapy. Through the gentle attention to muscles, fascia and lymph by palpating, kneading and the application of smooth strokes over areas of pain or discomfort, prenatal massage can provide a heightened level of increased well-being, flexibility and pain relief.


ReikiReiki is a Japanese word, meaning universal life force energy.  Reiki is an unlimited healing energy that is available in the universe.  During a session, the Reiki practitioner simply channels the Reiki healing energy from the universe by placing his/her hands lightly or a few inches above the client’s body (the client does not absorb the practitioner’s energy).

Japanese Head Massage

Japanese Head MassageJapanese Head Massage uses palms of the hands and fingers (no oils) to gently stimulate the head, face, neck, and shoulders to assist the body’s secretion of dopamine.


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