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The Highland Backrub Massage Members can purchase a 60- (or two 30-) minute massages at a discounted rate every month. Members can get additional massages at the discounted member rate.

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The Backrub - Highland Village, St. Paul store
Highland Village, St. Paul

762 South Cleveland Avenue
St. Paul, MN 55116

Prices & Membership

Oil-free massage means no showers and no greasy skin, so you can go back to work refreshed without changing clothes. We work through your clothes and deeply focus on the areas that are causing your discomfort. Choose pressure from deep to relaxation. Close
9:30-8:00 Monday-Friday
9:30-6:00 Saturday
12:00-6:00 Sunday Close
Ask about other esoteric therapies offered daily including: Prenatal massage, Post-partum massage, Thai massage. Close
Ask about other esoteric therapies offered daily including: Thai massage, Prenatal massage, Birth-inducing pressure point therapy, Post-partum massage, CranioSacral therapy, Neuromuscular therapy, MyoFascial Release, Reiki. Close
A deep compression oil massage that is performed with the feet. An overhead bar system is utilized for balance and flow. These long connecting strokes can release chronic back pain and unwind soft tissue damage, stimulating a healthy flow of energy in the body. Close