Massage at The Backrub Store, St. Paul

What sets Backrub Colleagues apart from salon, spa and discount massage employees?

• No forced non-compete clauses will be signed.

Whereas almost every bodywork studio or salon in the nation requires practitioners to sign a clause restricting their ability to "compete", The Backrub has, as its mission, the freedom of each practitioner to grow professional contacts and relationships here to benefit their public practice at the Backrub, as well as for their growing private practice.

• No oversight management necessary.

Colleagues at The Backrub Stores are self-managed and take charge of most of the operational aspects of the store when they are on duty. This practice helps practitioners to become fully attuned to how businesses operate and what barriers they personally and professionally need to overcome in order to improve their own stake in the bodywork industry.

In order to APPLY to work as a contractor at a Backrub Store, you will need to obtain the following:

  • Current Professional Liability Insurance (PLI)—once hired, you will need to add The Great Metropolitan Backrub as an Additionally Insured Party to your PLI policy. Proof of insurance will be required immediately.

  • A St. Paul Massage License will need to be obtained if you plan to work in a St. Paul Backrub location. Go to license page for more information or ask for details when you apply.

• Be well-paid for the people you serve.

Colleagues are paid on a cash basis and enjoy 40% of their net sales for walk-in and pre-booked clients.


Insurance-billed injuries are taken seriously, so Colleagues are guaranteed $30-$60/hour when working with injured clients requiring documentation for insurance purposes.


Events are a great way to reach out to the surrounding community. Colleagues are paid $35-$45/hour for on-site events, depending on mileage, time of day/evening, etc.

If you are interested in applying, please:

  • Provide a resume with your work experience, volunteer experience, references, education and licenses/certifications you have.
  • Provide a detail of your private practice: where it is, what it looks like, what you like about it and who you see there (e.g. "lots of clients", "fewer than you would like"…)
  • Include a cover letter that explains why you think GMB is a good fit for you, what your dreams are, and how you think you could benefit the business and the other practitioners by joining us.
  • You can drop these off at the store or put it all in the U.S. mail to:
    The Great Metropolitan Backrub
    762 South Cleveland Avenue
    St. Paul, MN 55116
  • You may also feel free to contact us and attach your resume, private practice description and cover letter on-line.

Although we may or may not have openings when you contact us the first time, we do keep an active list of interested practitioners. If you would like to be on this list, please indicate this in your letter and/or call back or contact us every month or two to see if we need new staff. It is the most motivated practitioner that joins the Backrub staff….persistence is motivational!

I look forward to meeting you in the future. We will always need excellent, motivated, professionals like you! Thank you again for your interest!


Annette Rondano, Owner
The Backrub Stores