Massage at The Backrub, St. Paul


The world is full of investor-owned massage businesses where wages are low and therapists burn out at an alarming rate. Backrub Store "unfranchises" are demonstrating that individual bodywork professionals can, and do, run their own quality businesses. Together, we're growing an industry of successful and self-directed professionals.

Our stores are uniquely run to empower bodywork professionals to grow their practices by expanding their expertise and experience, while creating lasting client relationships.

People increasingly rely on massage and bodywork modalities to solve problems that the allopathic medical system can't treat with medications. Backrub Stores are on the front lines of the holistic health-care industry, providing mainstream and esoteric therapies, acupuncture, Physical Therapy alternatives, injury recovery techniques, holistic lifestyle support, and more.

When you step into a Backrub Store location, you will find yourself in a small corner of the building block of solutions to our currently broken health care system.

Join the movement! We are looking for small, independently owned and managed studios to join ranks with us in our quest for the highest quality, most convenient services available anywhere.

Backrub Stores always offer:

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