Massage at The Backrub Store, St. Paul

Bodywork is more accessible when it’s affordable. Let us know if you qualify for a discount.

Membership can save you 20% to 33%

Save 20% when you purchase a membership at check-out:


Active Kids discount bodywork
Active Kids - Elementary
through High School
$25 for 30-minutes
Seniors discount bodywork
Seniors - 65+
$1.00 per minute

Students discount bodywork
Students - College status
$1.25 per minute

Disability discount bodywork
Disability -
$1.00 to $1.20 per minute

Veterans discount bodywork
Veterans -
$1.20 per minute

FLEX** Membership Maintenance Program

Flex discount bodyworkOur Flex Membership is designed for people that need ongoing bodywork support. This is a good program for people who suffer from chronic conditions like fibromyalgia, migraines, arthritis, post-injury trauma as well as those who have very active or stressful lives and can benefit from regular bodywork on a maintenance/monthly basis.

**This membership can be suspended for up to 2 months without losing benefits.


Pre-Paid 12-session 6-month Packages


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