Massage at The Backrub Store, St. Paul

Workplace Wellness Programs

On-going Employee Wellness Programs improve productivity and job satisfaction. Regular workplace massage events tell your employees that their repetitive stress is manageable.

On-going office/employee maintenance needs are easily met with our monthly, weekly or semi-weekly business outcall service.

You'll get our professional service at a great price with the assurance that all of the details will be handled for you:

Call or email for more information.


Onsite events with seated massage: $75/practitioner hour (2 hour minimum). Price is subject to travel fees outside of the Twin Cities. Ask about our non-profit discount! Close

Our office is open long hours, so we provide occasional massage at all hours of the day or night, and Annette and her team have been flexible and easy to work with. Our staff often have very specific needs due to the physical nature of their work. The Backrub therapists do an amazing job of meeting those needs."
- Ryan Theil, Sorenson Communications


"For my busy office, The Great Metropolitan Backrub has made the entire process—from original setup of the service, to scheduling, to providing the service, to invoicing—entirely painless."
- Ryan Theil, Director
St. Paul Interpreting Center
Sorenson Communications