Massage at The Backrub Store, St. Paul

Guaranteed ease and excellence for our injured clients

Injuries are painful enough… 
…the process of recovery should be painless.

You can be treated for your injuries TODAY with no out-of-pocket expense at any Backrub location!

Availability - We have 7-day/week and evening appointments available so that you won't have to miss work to experience a prompt and lasting recovery.

Prescription - You'll want a physician or chiropractor to follow your care as you recover. We will handle the direct communication with your referring physician, keeping prescriptions up-to-date with referrals that match your progress.

Insurance Liaison - Understanding the insurance process can be daunting. We will handle all of the communication with your insurance provider so that you can get the most out of your policy. Let us help you to avoid the threat of being cut off before your condition is resolved.

Litigation Service - We have 20 years of experience with direct attorney communication, notes and file updates. If you have either an open claim OR an attorney and valid arbitration in progress, we promise to treat you without up-front payment for services. Now you can recover without going bankrupt in the process.

Injuries are painful enough ~ we can help you recover faster and without the stress of paperwork or up-front payment!

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"Barefoot Massage" is performed on a massage table, using oils/lotions and allows clients to put their face down comfortably in a face rest (not off to the side). Josie Hille, Ashaitsu Therapist, uses her feet to provide a gentle but deeply satisfying therapeutic session. Since ashiatsu is performed on a table, overhead bars are needed for balance. Close